One of the finest examples of orange wine and local cuisine from Medana (Brda).

1)Aleks Klinec pouring a glass of his orange wine
2)Verduc and Ortodox

Aleks Klinec is one of the most authoritative and most passionate winemakers from the Brda region. Klinec’s winery and agritourism are located in in the Heart of Goriška Brda, one kilometre as the crow flies from Italy. Seven hectares, in the village of Medana, with an enchanting view between the blue Adriatic sea, the white Julian Alps and all around the green hills of the Brda. An ideal microclimate for wines full of personality and full of terroir. The soil in the vineyard is mainly composed by Opoka, also known as Ponca, typical of Brda, which bestows its wines the unmistakable minerality that distinguish them. Ponca is made up of layers of marl and sandstone which form the ancient seabed and slowed emerged from the waters of millions of years.

Aleks Klinec is the fourth generation of his family to produce wines, in a family tradition that goes back to 1918. After started producing commercial wines, in 2005 Aleks Klinec decided to focus only on skin-contact white wines, plus a few reds, returning to the traditions of his ancestors. It's a return to a natural approach, to the respect for the environmental balance.

We farmers have a huge responsibility: working responsibly, we respect and look after the environment without contaminating it with pesticides and fertilisers. All this keeps the planet alive and keeps us alive.

Aleks Klinec

Klinec - Gardelin (Pinot Grigio 100%). 5 days of maceration, the colour is auburn. The nose is a a spectrum of ripe fruit: sour cherry, prune, wild strawberries. Medium body, with a good balance and a rich mineral structure. The finish is chalky and pleasantly bitter to the tongue.
Food Pairing: Rich Fish (salmon, tuna); Ligurian-style Rabbit.

Klinec - Rebula (Ribolla Gialla 100%): 14 days of maceration, the colour is amber. Broom, lime, ripe apricot and tobacco on the nose. The mouthfeel is full-bodied, mineral, sapid, wrapping. Tannic finish.
Food Pairing: Mushroom Risotto, Tagliatelle with ragù.

Klinec - Jakot (Tocai Friulano 100%). 4 days of maceration, the colour is orange. The noise offers acacia honey, jasmine and caramel. The mouthfeel is full-bodied with a good acidity and a savory streak. On the palate it expresses macerated flowers and vegetal notes. Wine with strong personality.
Food Pairing: White Fish Stew, Pork.

1)Klinec - Gardelin (Pinot Grigio)
2)Klinec - Rebula (Ribolla Gialla)
3)Klinec - Jakot (Tocai Friulano)
1)Aleks Klinec in the cellar
2)Cured meats from the cellar

Working full biodynamic, every year Aleks makes his compost, around 90/100 cubic metres, using manure, straw, hay, pomace and he adds it in the vineyard every three years, keeping the soil and the microorganisms alive.
In the cellar, the grapes are destemmed  and then fermented in barrels, with between 5 and 30 days of maceration. After the maceration, the grapes are pressed and left to settle in either oak, acacia, mulberry or cherry wood for two or three years before tracking into steel. After several months of rest, the wine is bottled without filtration.

The annual production is approximately 20,000 bottles. The main market is Japan, followed by Italy and the USA. The United Kingdom is an important market as well: Klinec’s wines are imported from Gergovie Wines , and sold at 40 Maltby Street Bar, in London.

It is important to me to bring to the table the fullest possible details of the territory, not only of the wine but also of the meat and the vegetables that I produce.

Aleks Klinec

Aleks & Simona Klinec
Medana 20, 5212 Dobrovo V Brdih, Slovenia
Tel. +386 40 663322

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