Ronco Severo

The wines of Stefano Novello, one of the italian pioneers of skin-contact wine making, from Prepotto (Udine).

Stefano Novello opening and pouring a bottle of his orange wine.

The philosophy of Stefano Novello is pictured on his stunning label, depicting a boy balancing on a chair who represents his risk-taking attitude defying the laws of balance, that started in 1999 when Stefano rejected his winemaking education and started to macerate his white wines.
Stefano explained that in the late seventies, there has been a radical change of viniculture in Friuli. The banks invested capital in the wine from this region and to minimize risks, they standardized the production conforming it to international standards. In doing so, they destroyed part of Friuli’s traditional viniculture. Stefano feels responsible for his territory and he works respecting nature.

We feel responsible for our parcel of land. We want to preserve it for our future and our children's future. Our strong belief in sustainability has led us to the decision not to use any chemicals and to minimize the interference with the vineyard and wine cellar. We try to work respecting the nature to produce wine with the true personality of the region where it was grown.

Stefano Novello

Ronco Severo - Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio IGT (Pinot Grigio 100%): 38 days of maceration, the colour is bright orange. The nose offers wild strawberries, roses, acacia flower, almond. The mouthfeel is elegant, fine, graceful. The finish is salty, well balanced with a tannic note.
Food Pairing: Smoked salmon, Pork loin roast.

Ronco Severo - Ribolla Gialla delle Venezie IGT (Ribolla Gialla 100%): long maceration, the colour is straw yellow. Distinct minerality on the nose, with a hint of dehydrated banana, anise, almond, medlar and aromatic herb. The mouthfeel is mellow, sapid with nice depth. Good balance between acidity and roughness.
Food Pairing: Codfish Vicenza-style, Sheep cheese, Rabbit stew with peppers.

1)Ronco Severo - Pinot Grigio
2)Ronco Severo - Ribolla Gialla

Ronco Severo
Via Ronchi, 93, 33040 Prepotto UD, Italy
Tel. +39 0432 713340

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